Gothenburg Meeting December 2-3, 2010. Theme: Unaccompanied minors

Location: The Nordic School of Public Health, Nya Varvet, Gothenburg, Lecture room: ISLAND

- Notes from the meeting taken by secretary Cajsa Malmström.

- Emad Al-Rozzi’s presentation: ”Care in Transition for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children at Care Centers in Norway: Basic Reflections”.

- Maria Brendler –Lindqvist’s presentation: ”Assessing age or assessing needs –age assessment of unaccompanied refugee children in medical literature”.

- Sofie Haug Changezi’s presentaion: ”Unaccompanied refugee youth resettling: The challenges on entering Norwegian secondary school”.

- Heaven Crawley’s presentation ”When is a child not a child? Asylum, age disputes and the process of age assessment”.

- Ravi Kohli’s presentation: ”Safety, belonging and success in the lives of unaccompanied asylum seeking children”.

- Karoline B. Seglem’s presentation: ”Unaccompanied minors after resettlement: Reconstruction of social network and social support”.

- Marianne Vervliet’s presentation: ”Afghan unaccompanied refugee minors in Belgium. Expectations, agency and psychosocial wellbeing”.

- Charles Watters’ presentation: ”Unaccompanied Minors: International Challenges, Local Solutions”.

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Program for the meeting, please read here new version November 29

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